Future Top 20 Cryptos: Analysts Name (FET), Rollblock (RBLK) and Cosmos (ATOM) As Most Likely

The crypto market is changing at an extremely fast pace. New projects are consistently moving into the top 20 ranked cryptocurrencies, and analysts believe that, Rollblock, and Cosmos could be next. is growing due to current AI trends, while Cosmos and Rollblock are gaining traction within the DeFi market. Rollblock in particular could become a huge hit, and is expected to offer returns of 720% during its presale. 

Nvidia Earnings Fail To Impact

Nvidia recently announced its Q1 financial figures. The company saw revenue jump by 18% in Q1, which should have positively influenced However,’s price has fallen.

Over the last 24 hours is down by 3.57% despite its daily trading volume increasing by 55%. is now trading at $2.47, and some experts believe it could drop below $2.40. 

Cosmos Growth Remains Steady In Q2

Cosmos experienced steady price increases throughout the recent bear market. This suggests that investors remain optimistic about Cosmos despite market fluctuations. With Bitcoin recently resurging to $70k, experts now believe that Cosmos could experience price rallies. 

Cosmos is currently trading at $8.53, and has increased in value by 0.88% over the last week. This is in line with the project’s steady growth, which has experienced minor fluctuations over the last quarter. 

According to experts, Cosmos could rally to $10 by the end of Q1. However, with the altcoins daily trading volume falling by 19.13% over the last 24 hours, Cosmos might not have the support for such a significant rally. 

Rollblock Gains Bullish Presale Momentum 

Rollblock offers huge potential for early investors who want to win big. Currently in the second stage of its presale, Rollblock has gained significant momentum, attracting investors with its unique blockchain application. 

This innovative iGaming protocol applies DeFi technology to the iGaming industry. The industry is expected to grow from $450 billion to $750 billion over the next 4 years, though it has major issues with security and transparency. Rollblock’s iGaming solves these and more. Already live and licensed, the Rollblock iGaming gives players to over 150 games which can be played using over 20 cryptocurrencies. Games include iGaming classic and virtual games, and Rollblock will soon introduce sports staking in the coming months.

In addition to its iGaming, Rollblock also introduces a revenue share initiative. To give back to RBLK token holders, Rollblock will share up to 30% of its daily revenue with holders. It will do this by buying RBLK from the open market. To drive up the price of RBLK, half of the purchased tokens will be permanently burned, and the remaining half will be allocated for rewards. 

Having already experienced a 20% price increase during its presale, Rollblock is currently trading at $0.012. Though 20% might seem like a large increase, experts believe that $RBLK could increase by over 720% during its presale, making its recent rally the tip of the iceberg. 

Does Rollblock Have Top 20 Potential? 

Rollblock is a one-of-a-kind project. It has very little competition in the industry, and with revolutionary potential, it could easily rise into the top 100 ranked cryptocurrencies by the end of 2024. Over the next 5 years, it could rise further into the top 20, making Rollblock a huge opportunity for early adopters. 

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